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Streatham House Nursery | Blundellsands | Liverpool | L23 8UQ | STAFF PORTAL


3 months – 16 months

Our Observers Rooms have been designed to be a true home-from-home for your little ones, enabling them to grow, play and rest in comfortable, cosy and loving surroundings.

With facilities to care for babies from three months old, our emphasis is on introducing our youngest children to the experiences, sights and sounds that will help them to develop. They have access to black and white areas, sensory areas and have enough space to crawl and walk.


The cleanliness of our baby room is apparent throughout, as is our commitment to resourcing them with an abundance of toys, equipment and educational materials. Our changing facilities are clean, hygienic and well-equipped.

There is access to safe and age appropriate outdoor areas allowing the babies to observe their natural surroundings.

Our focus is on individuality and meeting your baby’s unique needs as well as involving them in group learning sessions, which encourage babies’ personal, social and emotional development in a familiar and stimulating environment. Parents are also encouraged to share their experiences of their little one’s sleeping, eating and playing habits.

Quiet, cosy areas and peaceful sleeping zones allow babies to get their rest time, after hours of fun and play.

Baby development

Our aim is always to provide a safe, stimulating, and fun environment where babies feel happy to explore, as this is the best way to aid their development.

We recognise that the most important teachers and role models in a baby’s life are their parents or guardians. We adopt a wonderful partnership approach by assigning each child a Key Carer, who keeps families up to date with their baby’s experiences. This is vital line of communication, giving you peace of mind that your baby is in the best place to grow and achieve. The Key Person will work with you and plan activities about your babies interests at home and at nursery, and support good communication between the nursery and home. The Key Person will also keep online daily diaries for each baby and they will spend time recording specific observations about the activities the babies have been introduced to.

Singing is heard a lot throughout the day in Observers, as the babies begin to coo and babble, enjoying listening to the different tones, sounds and songs. Sensory play is provided daily; sensory play and messy play allows babies to use their natural curiosity and engage their senses at the developmental level appropriate for them.

As they grow older, our toddler base is designed to cater for babies as they become increasingly mobile and begin to explore their surroundings. They offer a fun and stimulating environment where babies are encouraged to investigate and learn the basic skills they need to develop.

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