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Streatham House Nursery | Blundellsands | Liverpool | L23 8UQ | STAFF PORTAL

Nursery Room/Kindergarten 1

Our 2-3 year old rooms provide all the essentials for the inquisitive, active two-three year olds. We ensure these young children are able to enjoy and develop by providing access to the activities they like to do and find interesting.


The Nursery rooms have been designed with an emphasis firmly on Learning through Play. A wide range of exciting activities are on offer in our dedicated craft, role-play, construction, reading and outdoor areas.
Our child friendly storage allows children to select their own toys, learning activities and materials which helps to build on their development in decision making and confidence.

The toilet facilities in the nursery rooms are easily accessible, essential for this crucial stage in development when our children are learning to toilet train and become that little bit more independent.


The nursery practitioners in our nursery rooms are dedicated to ensuring children develop key skills to set them on the road for their pre-school years.

A combination of planned and spontaneous activities are implemented to stretch children’s abilities, along with a record of achievement kept and shared with parent and guardians.

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