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Streatham House Nursery | Blundellsands | Liverpool | L23 8UQ | STAFF PORTAL


16 months – 26 months

Our discoverers area is designed to cater for babies as they become increasingly mobile and begin to explore their surroundings. They offer a fun and stimulating environment where babies are encouraged to investigate and learn the basic skills they need to develop.


The Discoverers are well equipped with a wide variety of exciting facilities and materials that them on their very own mission to discovery!

Open plan play areas give discoverers the confidence to get active, social and creative in a controlled and safe environment.

The craft and messy play areas gives discoverers the opportunity to express themselves and discover new textures and materials. Becoming artistic with paint and glue is encouraged and early mark making skills are encouraged, from using buckets of water with paint brushes, to using sticks in sand, endless opportunities are given for emergent writing.

Discoverers have their first experience of the “home-corner”. The home corner offers imaginative experiences, giving opportunity to the discoverers to dress up and role play first hand experiences. This is vital to the development and helps them to gain specific skills for their future.

The outdoor play area is stimulating, safe and encourages the Discoverers to discover, investigate and challenge themselves through a wide range of planned and spontaneous activities.

Mealtimes are a social event and miniature tables and chairs provide the next step from highchairs. The children are encouraged to feed themselves while being carefully supervised, encouraged, and supported.

Just a short walk away from a local duck pond, the discoverers adventure through the park to observe their natural surroundings and discover the world around them, whilst being on a 1:1 to ratio whilst being outside the nursery.


Our early years practitioners are constantly on hand to ensure children are learning through a range of planned and fun activities. Their development is monitored and recorded and parents are kept informed every step of the way, so that the skills children learn can be built on in the home.

Our Discoverers is the perfect place for your little one to grow, play and achieve, putting them on the right path for their next room – Explorers!

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