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Streatham House Nursery | Blundellsands | Liverpool | L23 8UQ | STAFF PORTAL


36 months plus

We understand that if children are at ease and confident in their environment, then learning and development can take place, which is never more important than in the final year of nursery. Our Adventurers (3-4 year olds) rooms are equipped with all the facilities children need for a fun and stimulating time, that will prepare them for their new adventure at primary school.


Our Adventurers rooms are designed to be spacious, stimulating, and exciting, with a wide range of activities taking place, carried out by knowledgeable, experienced and qualified practitioners. The Adventurers show awe and wonder as they’re captivated by new learning experiences each day.

Having influential and famous artists visible in the room inspires the children to create their own masterpieces. They explore their natural environment and use natural resources to discover and explore transient art. The Adventurers begin to use art to express themselves and enjoy trips to the Art galleries and Museum’s to inspire them further.

Baking, reading, writing, singing, dancing and using their imagination to create their own enchanting stories are but a few of the daily activities that our Adventurers discover.

On Tuesday, the Adventurers imaginatively travel to France, they’re given the opportunity to learn the wonderful French Language, being taught a professional French Teacher.

On Wednesday they express and challenge themselves physically during multi-skills, a sport that teaches new skills, carried out by a qualified Sports Coach.

The Adventurers have access to their own bathroom which they are encouraged to use independently.


We are dedicated to ensuring that our practical activities help children to develop their fine and gross motor skills and increase their mental capabilities. Activities such as dough disco, threading and building are some but not all of activities that develop such skills.

Adventurers embark on the “Letters and Sounds” framework – a nationally recognised teaching material used as a tool to promote concentration, listening and develop early reading skills.

Our Nursery practitioners put a strong emphasis on the development of self-confidence, individual personalities and most of all the development of independence. The Adventurers are supported in recognising their own name, writing letters in their name, putting on their own coat and attending their own toileting needs.

We support our children’s well-being, having cosy corners for quiet time and opportunities for yoga and meditation. The children are encouraged to talk about how they feel and we ensure they are all happy and confident individuals, ready for their new challenge at Primary School.

Once the Adventurers are ready for their next challenge, they will have their very own Graduation Ceremony. They have their own cap and gown and it is a day to celebrate everything they have achieved with us whilst attending Streatham House Nursery.

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